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Having incorporated SubscriberWise® Risk Management Solutions, Massillon Cable TV knows firsthand the benefits of a comprehensive risk management policy. Massillon Cable operates two systems in Massillon and Wooster, Ohio with ~50,000 total subscribers. During the past 15 years, Massillon Cable has achieved almost 100% recovery rate on expensive inventory, eliminated parental and identity theft, continued to grow its subscriber base in all categories, and has recently reached an average of $25,000 monthly in paid security deposits! Massillon Cable’s systems have reduced bad debts and equipment loss to almost zero during the same period! SubscriberWise® can offer your system the same excellent ROI. And our solutions can be tailored to your risk tolerance. We will give you the tools and know how to achieve incredible results. It all starts with an understanding of your subscriber’s behavior.

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We never stop until we fully reach our limit and in such high-demanding and fast-growing industry we have unlimited room to grow.



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SubscriberWise® has partnered with Massillon Cable TV to offer your employees an unparalleled opportunity to learn every aspect of the risk management process. We take your employees – management, CSRs, and installers – beyond classroom training and education to a practical, powerful and total learning experience with an established operator offering a myriad of services from limited cable to complete, bundled offerings including DVR/HD/VOIP. And our training is critically enhanced with real-time call center monitoring, billing and management information software utilization, and live contact between credit manager and call center employees. We’ll also develop your CSRs skills with proven selling solutions and effective contact methods for difficult, high risk subscribers. Your CSRs will learn how to ask for security deposits from high risk subscribers at the same time they develop customer loyalty, close sales, and substantially mitigate your losses! A Win-Win value proposition for your system enhanced with the most powerful training experience available to your employees.

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We believe in partnership and we are available to assist you on every step from day one.


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We provide the best solutions specifically for your needs. With 16 years on the market and dozens of satisfied clients, we can advise you on every step of our partnership.


train your employees

We take your employees – management, CSRs, and installers – beyond classroom training and education to a practical experience with an established operator.


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With no contract required, our solutions are ready for use in a matter of a day. We streamlined deployment so you can focus on growing your business.

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