Your system has invested millions of dollars in new technology, core services, and marketing your product offerings. These investments have provided many new opportunities to grow sales with exciting products and services to meet subscriber demand for news, entertainment, and information. But as the opportunities expand, the price to deliver service skyrockets - and Digital Video Recorders - priced at $450.00 each - demand an operator approach subscriber behavior in a more sophisticated way. SubscriberWise® is positioned to help your system - with an unparalleled depth and understanding of risk exposure exclusive to the communications industry - achieve the profitability your product offerings are capable of delivering.
Industry Trends
• Disproportionate number of new service requests made from severely credit challenged
• Telecommunications Act of 1996 deregulated Cable, Telephone, & Satellite
• Tremendous growth in bundled services
• Competition for core service from Satellite providers
Industry Metrics
• Average write-off without a converter: $85 - $145
• Average write-off including a converter: $450 - $650
• Cost to roll truck to disconnect/reconnect service: $45 - $85
• Average # of days to disconnect past due accounts: 75 days

SubscriberWise® Profitability Analysis (SPA). SubscriberWise® has done the research. And our industry specific research has determined that loss from fraud, bad debt, and lost equipment is staggering and unabated. Today, the decision to separate reliable subscribers from those who are going to go delinquent can no longer be ignored. SubscriberWise®, enhanced through its partnership with leading consumer and information companies, has the expertise and experience to identify the best and worst subscribers to deliver incredible results to your bottom line for a truly rapid and substantial ROI.

SubscriberWise® can streamline the process for your system with a comprehensive, total approach to risk management. Eliminate fraud, recover equipment, collect deposits, develop loyalty, and approve service requests - even when credit risk is substantial.

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