At SubscriberWise®, we have developed strategic relationships with key business partners to enhance our solutions and deliver success. Our partners have been carefully chosen for their excellent products and services. And by partnering with business leaders and working together, we can deliver the results your system demands.


Massillon Cable TV
At Massillon Cable TV — we’re dedicated to giving you the best available in-home entertainment. With our digital broadband network, we offer you a true one-stop shop for communications and entertainment services. We have a host of new and exciting home entertainment products and services, as well as services you’ve come to rely on.


Axciom Insight Collect

Acxiom Insight has developed Acxiom Insight Collect to fit the needs of the collection and debt recovery industry. In cooperation with strategic partners in the industry, Acxiom Insight has engineered Acxiom Insight Collect to be easy to use, fast and complete with the best data available in both online or in batch mode.


Element Customer Care

Element Customer Care is a Durham, NC-based company that offers CSG billing services, tech support and a customer service call center for cable, broadband and telecommunications operators. Element’s partnership with CSG Systems gives its clients access to CSG’s unique combination of solutions, services and expertise to improve operational efficiencies and deliver a quality customer experience in a competitive marketplace. With a staff of more than 250 employees and full-time contractors, Element also runs training, quality assurance and research and development departments. Element, powered by CSG Systems, was named “Preferred Billing and Customer Care Provider” for the National Cable Television Cooperative.

TransUnion is a global leader in credit and information management. For more than 30 years, we have worked with businesses and consumers to gather, analyze and deliver the critical information needed to build strong economies throughout the world. The result? Businesses can better manage risk and customer relationships. And consumers can better understand and manage credit so they can achieve their financial goals. Our dedicated associates support more than 50,000 customers on six continents and more than 500 million consumers worldwide.


The leader in decision management driven by advanced analytics, FICO® unlocks value for people, businesses and industries.


Great Lakes Data Systems, Inc.
Great Lakes Data Systems, Inc. provides the cable industry’s leading Windows-based billing, subscriber management, and provisioning solutions. Founded by experienced cable operators in 1980, GLDS offers in-house and ASP/Internet versions of the GLDS software featuring Digital Authorization, Conditional Access, PPV, Cable Modem Provisioning, VOD, VoIP, Credit Card/ACH processing and Web-Enabled Customer Self Care. GLDS has installed software for over 300 systems in 49 of the 50 U.S. States and 38 countries worldwide. The Preferred Choice of NCTC members since 1994, GLDS provides “tier one” features at much lower prices. More information is available at (800) 882-7950 and online at

The Cable Warehouse

The Cable Warehouse is a FREE resource for the cable industry. Cable operators can information about experienced service providers, receive free bids on projects, obtain answers to questions they may have, and find experienced personnel to fill open positions.


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