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"We have been really pleased with SubscriberWise and its impact on our business. Thanks for all your help. I appreciate your partnership and support!"

- Sara Meder, Director of Operations Eagle Communications

"SubscriberWise is an integral part of our success at East Cleveland Cable TV. The system plays a key role in keeping us profitable during these tough economic times."

- Jimmy Gruttadaurio, General Manager East Cleveland Cable TV

"Thank you so much for coming to Vincennes and providing this very valuable training. This was of great advantage to Avenue Broadband to have you present the material as you did. Many many good comments.

- Mary Iafrate, Vice President and General Manager Avenue Broadband

"InfoStructure has been using SubscriberWise for just over a year now and it has been very helpful."

- John L. Scruggs, Manager InfoStructure, Inc

"Every day I am grateful we launched SubscriberWise."

- Amy C. Tykeson, President/CEO, BendBroadband

"Cable TV companies in tough economic areas must change to stay afloat. I look for ways to tweak the SubscriberWise deposit guideline form from time to time, that’s the beauty of the service. I can tailor-make SubscriberWise to suit our needs."

- James Gruttadaurio, General Manager, East Cleveland Cable TV

Our non-returned equipment rate has dropped from 55% to 14% since we started using WinScore [SubscriberWise]. Better still, the deposits we’ve collected so far will already cover more than 50% of the replacement expense.”

- Sandra Harrison, Director of Business Services, TVMAX

Times have changed dramatically for the cable industry. “We’ve gone from a single service to the triple play and from little to no equipment to putting several hundred dollars to a thousand dollars of equipment in customer’s homes with DVR and HD set tops and MTAs. With our move to all digital we are facing a dramatic increase in risk of bad debt and unreturned equipment losses. The alternatives are to accept this as an added cost of business, or to take proactive steps to prevent the loss via qualifying subscribers and requiring deposits where it makes sense. We’re delighted to partner with SubscriberWise and implement a tool that we believe will be both efficient and cost effective at minimizing bad debt.”

- John Farwell, VP Business Operations of BendBroadband

“In one week’s time we have applied $4270 in deposits – and averages $137.74 per customer whom we have charged a deposit. This sets us up for about $17K per month we’ll be collecting and storing in an interest bearing account to help offset some of the bad debt. I’m pleased with the results and overall adherence to SubscriberWise – great start!”

- Kelley Carson, Director Customer Services, BendBroadband.

“The inclusion of the SubscriberWise platform in our new customer provisioning suite of tools could not be more perfectly timed for TVMAX, as we begin the rollout of advanced digital set-tops costing far more than the converters of the past. “With the knowledge gained through the use of this system, we will be able to manage the transition to an all-digital network confident that we are properly caring for the capital investment being made in high-end consumer converters, such as High Definition DVRs.

- David Curtin, COO at TVMAX.

“Most risk management solutions simply provide a credit score to a cable or satellite operator. “SubscriberWise solutions significantly expand this score by combining cable-specific and proprietary decision models with the highly predictive FICO® score to precisely segment subscribers into various risk and selling categories. SubscriberWise gives operators all the tools and know how they need to understand subscriber payment behavior in the most effective manner, protecting their assets and without giving up sales. SubscriberWise is a complete turn-key solution to risk management that delivers incredible results.”

- Matt Zemon, President, Element Customer Care.

“GLDS sought out SubscriberWise as part of a larger commitment to helping WinCable users better understand their customers. “SubscriberWise has a field-proven solution that, when combined with customer information from WinCable, will provide operators with an unparalleled understanding of their customers.”

- Garrick Russell, VP Operations at GLDS.

“SubscriberWise has given us the ability to confidently implement a system of identity verification and appropriate security deposits while still pursuing aggressive marketing tactics in our increasingly competitive market. “The instant decision provided by SubscriberWise treats every prospective customer equally and fairly. That’s very important. Our significant investment in expensive equipment is protected by deposits when appropriate. Our collection and recovery efforts benefit from accurate customer information. Plus, our marketing efforts are further enhanced by instantly recognizing the very best prospects. I can’t imagine operating without it.”

- Bob Gessner, President of Massillon Cable TV.

“Five hundred bucks for those big boys [DVR set-tops]: It suddenly makes a lot of sense to pay attention to credit with 18,000 subscribers. Hilliard visited Massillon Cable, and said he owes Gessner a debt of gratitude for the tips he got about setting up subscriber prequalification [SubscriberWise] at his operation.

- Chris Hilliard, president of USA Cos.

“Partnering with SubscriberWise is a win-win for everyone – especially cable operators looking to better locate the right party for debt collection.

- Ron Fournet, leader of Acxiom’s Risk Mitigation Organization.




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